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Let’s face it…

There’s nothing like that moment when your phone buzzes halfway through your midday meeting. You slide it out the edge of your pocket and glance down to see your favorite notification… (another Airbnb booking).

Your shoulders drop, back straightens, and a sense of euphoria pours over you. The grunt work has paid off. You meticulously cleaned and organized your home, perfected your pictures, and repeatedly lowered your price until you got that 1st booking… Now, with a few 5-star reviews under your belt, you are finally getting a piece of the “passive income pie.” You are finally self reliant.

It’s not long before you can see, touch and feel the TRUE potential of short-term rentals… but then, your quick ‘success high’ gets drowned out by rumors of people generating 30-40% returns. Having that level of repeatable ROI is a totally different game… It brings life-changing possibilities.

But to see 30-40% returns, there’s 1 thing you have to do.

You have to actually invest in real estate.

… And even though everyone knows that building a real estate portfolio is the best way to achieve life-changing income, wealth and freedom, most people never pull the trigger on their first ‘investment’ property.

We get it. It can feel paralyzing if you have questions like:

  • Exactly where do I start?
  • How do I find, analyze, and close on a deal that I feel really good about? (and that I know will have a great ROI)
  • What locations should I scratch off my list?
  • How do I AVOID nightmare mistakes during the buying decision, without prolonging the entire process?
  • What if short-term rental regulations change after I buy my property?
  • How do I secure the BEST financing for ME?
  • How do I talk to bankers honestly, without being taken advantage of?
  • When is the RIGHT TIME to close on a deal that “looks” promising?
  • How can I add extra value to my vacation rental once I’ve purchased it?
  • How can I leverage my short-term rental portfolio to spend more time on my family, hobbies, and passions?

With a lack of experience, resources, or knowledge, it’s not uncommon to throw in the towel and think, “It’s too late for me.”

In fact, most people never attempt to learn how to make (smart) short-term rental investment decisions.

But at this moment, you have options:

  1. You can remain a host, constantly grinding for higher returns out of your current listing.
  2. You can read book after book, calling relatives for help, and maybe even working up the courage to pull the trigger on a propertymaking costly mistakes and learning as you go.
  3. Or, you can leverage the experience and knowledge of a short-term rental expert who will gladly show you how to get started today (using the same investment strategies he learned when managing a $4.5 billion hedge fund on Wall Street).

Option 3 looks like this:

Future Proof Formula (5-part system)

Align your financial goals with things you’re passionate about

Instead of searching for a location that looks great on paper, come to terms with your authentic wants, needs and desires.

Are you an avid skier? Start your search in Colorado, Utah, or Wyoming.

Is rock climbing your passion? Do research on the Joshua Tree market.

Having a personal connection with your investment property does 2 things:

1 - If (when) something goes wrong, you’re more likely to solve the problem without it feeling like a job.

2 - Chances are, there are more people like you. If you pick a location that supports your hobby or passion, it will be easier to “niche down” and attract like-minded guests (making marketing a breeze).

Start by narrowing down your search to 5 general locations.

Craft a compelling story to illustrate FINANCIAL STRENGTH to your banker

The best way to sell yourself as a safe buyer in the banks’ eyes is to BE PREPARED. This means avoiding hard credit checks, making necessary payments at least 3 months in advance, and having the proper documentation in place. When crafting your personal financial statements, prioritize these 3 things:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Investment Statements
  • Retirement Savings

This will show the banker that you are forward-looking and professional, worthy of the loan you want.

MORTGAGE TIP: Apply for a “Personal Property” loan, NOT an “Investment Property” loan. At this stage, it’s too early to declare your plans for the home… and you want the bank to see you as “low risk” as possible.

3 things to know before going “all in”

Regulations: Look for areas that have passed short-term rental taxes. These places are benefiting from short-term rentals and are likely to embrace you with clear & easy-to-follow guidelines.

Homes to avoid: Keep it simple. Start with a home that has an intuitive floor plan and is easy for your guests to find. The more bedrooms, the better… But don’t let it compromise location or budget.

Revenue Assumptions: Use our Mortgage Calculator to identify your Gross Scheduled Income (GSI). This eliminates uncertainty from the buying decision.

The art of holding firm at your line and still getting the deal done (without surprises)

Start with this question: How long has it been on the market?

The answer will help you uncover the seller’s motivation, putting you in a position of power.

Struggling to get the exact price you need to secure your dream property?

Use Richard’s tips to get your broker in on the deal. Everyone wins.

Leverage Home Inspections: Avoid “Blow Up Risk” & hidden costs so that you always feel good about the deal.

The art of holding firm at your line and still getting the deal done (without surprises)

Unlock “Hidden Value”: How to prioritize your immediate and future renovations that will get more people booking with you.

Sell the dream: How to market to your ideal guest so that building your brand becomes easy.

Interior Design: What’s desirable NOW vs what your ideal guest wants… Plus, how to adjust your pricing structure to account for furniture costs.

With a Rising Interest Rate Environment, PROPERTY VALUE is DECREASING

There’s no better time to invest in short-term rental real estate. With a rising interest rate environment, right now is the best time to invest.

Don’t waste your time and money on the WRONG property… Save BOTH with a Future Proof Formula™ that will serve you for decades to come.

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“The Ultimate Guide to Finding & Buying STR Properties”

This highly-anticipated course has everything you need to finally gain the confidence to purchase your dream rental property… without feeling the dreaded “Buyer’s Remorse.”

(A small investment in yourself that has virtually no limit to the possible financial returns)

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Meet your instructor

From dedicating his life to Wall Street to starting from scratch after the Stock Market Crash of 2008, Richard Fertig is committed to teaching people how to “Design Their Lives” with Future Proof™ short-term rental portfolios…

Richard Fertig is one of the most sought after short-term rental real estate coaches in the world.

Known for his ability to identify hidden market trends, Richard leverages his decades of hedge fund and real estate experience to make genius decisions for vacation rental portfolios.

Richard’s success and notoriety in the industry have given him a platform to teach thousands of real estate entrepreneurs how to use his Future Proof™ investment strategies to “Design Their Lives.” Students range from new co-hosts to multimillionaire developers. See their results, here.

His new course, “The Ultimate Guide to Finding & Buying STR Properties” is NOW AVAILABLE industry-wide!

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Over the next 5 weeks, you’ll discover…

  • Richard’s Future Proof System: How to design YOUR DREAM portfolio (and AVOID the most common investment mistakes)
  • How this portfolio strategy can PRIORITIZE your passions, hobbies & goals (all while generating an extremely high ROI)
  • The exact same “search criteria” Richard uses when considering different demographics (most people don’t do this but it’s the foundation of your entire buying decision)
  • Why climate & seasons are critical factors for determining your investment location (and how to quickly knock this “research” off your to-do list)
  • 4 things you MUST know when considering the viability of a trend
  • How to leverage past trends to determine your NEXT MOVE
  • “Insider Information” behind Richard’s past, current & future projects (and how you can copy them)
  • Boutique Hotels: Why & how Richard chose oceanfront property vs. ground facing property for his well-documented OBX Project
  • City Lofts: How Richard bought, renovated, rented & profited from a $15 million New York City home
  • Proven Decision-Making Processes: How Richard ACCURATELY predicts price appreciation so that he can “see, touch & feel” his future (and how you can too)
  • How Richard unlocks EXTRA VALUE in his properties
  • 4 Questions every banker will ask you (and how to prepare your answers)
  • The BEST way to showcase your personal financial statements
  • How to AVOID costly mistakes when securing your mortgage
  • What attracts bankers (and what turns them off)
  • How to determine the RIGHT investment size for your current & future goals
  • What types of loans are seen as “Very Risky” vs. “Less Risky” in bankers’ eyes
  • Secret tactics to get your banker to “Work For You” (securing the best rates)
  • How to spot dreaded “Hidden Fees” so that you spend as little money as possible
  • Richard’s Rule: How to decide on the BEST fixed interest rate for YOU
  • How to “Comparison Shop” with your local banks so that you stop leaving money on the table
  • How to secure the “YES” you’ve been looking for
  • What you MUST DO & MUST AVOID when it comes to regulation (so that you don’t worry about going out of business)
  • How to save time by quickly identifying areas that are against STRs  
  • Why “Unregulated Areas” are NOT your friend
  • Know which taxes you want to WELCOME with open arms when choosing a location
  • SPEED UP the research phase with an easy-to-follow system
  • Everything you need to know to feel 100% confident in the specific property you’re buying
  • KEY factors that can have a serious impact on long-term consequences of your mortgage
  • How much to pay for your property (expert financial advice from Richard Fertig)
  • How to PREDICT your Rate of Return
  • Find out your projected income (and how you can increase it)
  • Richard’s BEST “Bid Strategies”
  • Exactly what to “Double Check” before closing
  • How to eliminate fear & uncertainty from the buying decision
  • PRO TIPS: Legal & Title Insurance advice that you haven’t heard yet
  • Everything you need to PREPARE before renting it out
  • World-Class Interior Design ADVICE, with easy-to-do (and affordable) action steps
  • How to UNLOCK VALUE in your new property (minor to major renovation ideas that work)
  • Richard’s Recommended Amenities

Over the course of 5 weeks, you will discover how to identify the RIGHT short-term rental opportunity, secure unbeatable financing, and prime your new “Cash Engine” for eager guests (a “Rinse & Repeat” system).

Be confident when buying your property.

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Here’s what you get:

  • World-class advice, strategies & step-by-step instructions that walk you through the entire buying process of your first (or next) STR property
  • Intro to Module 1: The WHY Assessment
  • Build It For Yourself
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Study The Correct Trends
  • Real-Life Examples
  • Intro to Module 2: Pre-Purchase Evaluation
  • Prepare Yourself
  • Pre-Qualify & Mortgage Strategy
  • Intro to Module 3: Financial Analysis / Making A Decision
  • Regulation
  • Types Of Homes You Should Buy
  • Property Specifics & Revenue Assumptions
  • Annual Operating Expenses
  • Key Operating Ratios
  • Intro to Module 4: Purchase & Close
  • Bid Strategy
  • Due Diligence Before Closing The "Closing Process"
  • Legal / Title Insurance
  • Intro to Module 5: Preparing To Rent / Cash Flow / Monetize
  • Sell The Dream
  • Focus On The IMPORTANT Things
  • Interior Design
  • Amenities For Your "Cash Engine"
  • Course Conclusion + Next Steps

You get all this, for life.

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